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Summer School Highlights - X'ian

The first leg of the Summer School Program was held in X'ian on August 15- 22, 2010 in cooperation with the Department of Law of X'ian Jiatong University. Professor Li Mingde, Professor Sylvia Kierkegaard , Prof. Wilhem Grosheide, Ms. Inka Brunn , Dr. Till Kreutzer ,Dr. Wolfgang Schulz , Prof. Ian Lloyd and Asssistant Professor Reinout van Malestein gave the lectures to over 60 PHD and graduate students. The summer school was open to PhD candidates, young teachers, and MA students interested in intellectual property law, particularly copyright law. The offered program aimed at broadening the knowledge (e.g. basic theories, development, and management both current and proposed) of national and international copyright law and its relation to international trade through lectures and workshops given by distinguished experts from internationally well-known law schools and research centers. A related purpose was to enhance the communication and cooperation between the participating law schools and research centers. Coordinating partner on the Chinese side was Prof.Ma Zhiguo, dean of the Xi'an School of Law. The program was divided into 25 lectures, all focussing on the status quo and the future development of actual copyright law, both nationally and internationally.

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Officials from the Education Department of Shaanxi Provice attended the event and welcomed the cooperation between the EU and the Shaanxi Provice. The Summer School Program received wide publicity and acclaim from educators , lawyers, government officials and students.

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The X'ian Summer School was concluded with a farewell reception and awarding of certificates to students.

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