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Documents: 2010 London International Co-Reach Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in the New Media

Karel Neuwirt ISP Liability and Data Protection
Justice Richard Arnold Recent English Cases on OSP Liability for Intellectual Property Infringements
Mr. Erik Josefsson ACTA - Cooperative Efforts ~ or, "kiss-of-death to the internet?"
Joel Smith The New UK Regime under the Digital Economy Act: First Class or Flawed ?
Ian Walden Investigation and Enforcement: the role of ISPs
Malcolm Hutty ISP Liability for Network Traffic
Til Kreutzer and Wolfgang Schulz Neighbouring Rights for Press Publishers: Medium Range Policy
Andreas Wiebe Liability of Internet Service Providers in Austria
Sophie Stalla Bourdillon On the Impossibility of Neutral Intermediaries
Allard Ringnalda Country Report: ISP Liability in the Netherlands





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