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March, 2012

214 pages


ISBN 978-87-994854-0-6

Copyright Law in the Making –Chinese and European Perspectives

Edited by Sylvia Kierkegaard and Willem Grosheide

The evolution of information technologies has had a significant impact on intellectual property rights. The development and enforcement of international and national laws and regulations governing copyrights in the digital environment have not kept pace with the speed of the technology. Reform of intellectual property law to suit the needs of the Internet age is a major issue in both the EU and China. Governments are facing the growing challenge of finding a balance between copyright protection in the digital environment and access to information. The Copyright Law in the Making – Chinese and European Perspectives sought to contribute towards the identification and resolution of the most important issues relating to the application and enforcement of intellectual property rights within an on-line context through enhancement of knowledge on issues of copyright law, regulatory choice and methods of comparative research.

"This book is welcome attempt to do a comparative analysis of EU and Chinese copyright Laws and the approach that the EU and China has taken to this particular branch of IP law. It will be a valuable source of reference in shaping future developments and for practitioner who specialise in copyright law."










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