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Documents: 1st International Co-Reach Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in the New Media

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Andreas Wiebe The Challenge of the Internet: Enforcement of Copyright in Peer-to-peer networks
Ian Lloyd Intellectual Property Law – A United Kingdom Perspective
Jiali Xu Issues on Internet Copyright Infringement in China
Ge Hong Judicial Practice in copyright Infringement cases in cyberspace circumstances
Ma XiuRong Online Copyright Liability on Cinematographic Works View
Li Xiaowu Trademark Dilution in Domain Name Dispute Cases: An Empirical Study on Recent Years' Cases in China
Sun Lei 3 Strikes Out: Is it a good answer to P2P downloading?
Willem Grosheide Copyright Law and the Internet
Wolfgang Schultz and Stefan Heilmann Copyright in a Digital Environment: Governance Perspective
Wu Weiguang Pay by Box or Pay by Click? ... Collecting the Royalty from the Kara- ok Industry in the Internet Time
Xuchao The Copyright Protection Online in China
Dr. Zhang Guangliang Google Library: Major Concerns and Legal Issues in China
Sylvia Kierkegaard Closing Remarks





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